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We meet Tuesdays at 12:00 PM
Evergreen Knoll Community Center
1311 14th Street
Cloquet, MN  55720
United States
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Our new District Governor, Blaine Johnson, came to the front of the room and described himself as a non-typical DG. First of all he is not 90 years old, he is the 2nd youngest DG from our district. He also reminded us that Rotary's founder, Paul Harris, was only 37 when he started Rotary in Chicago. He added that Rotary needs to attract younger leaders and it can be done. 
President Rich introduced his guest, Randy Maus, originally from Cloquet and now on vacation from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, where he works as a coaching leader for highly effective teams. 
In lieu of a program for today, Russ Smith asked if Rachael Martin would update our club on the sale of the museum building. Naturally, she began with a history lesson.
On Tuesday, July 3, ten loyal, but uninformed, Rotarians and guests met at Evergreen to find a hearty luncheon, but no meeting. Allen Anway, our official Cloquet Rotary Club Visiting Rotarian from Duluth Club #25, was the first to arrive. 
Pres Ralph asked Rich Bruns to come to the podium to welcome guests and describe this week's program. After saying that Rotary is the best kept secret in town, Rich introduced our program which will describe all the things our club does for our community and beyond. 
(Photo: Lawrence Fauley, from CCHS Archives)
For this week's program, Rich Bruns presented a Business Meeting, with handouts and charts on the big screen. The colorful chart on the screen showed how we are doing financially this year. 
Tyler and Carter Northey announced that today's program was everyone's chance to play Jeopardy on the big screen. Each of the 5 tables constituted a team, competing for top scores in these categories: Millennials, Slang, Sports, Rotary History, and Current Events. Each team could choose a category for 100, 200, 300, 400, or 500 points. We started out with a number of wrong answers and got many negative points. Then we smartened up with final points of Team One = 200, Team 2 = - 800, Team 3 = 0, Team 4 = -900, Team 5 = 800. So Team 5 was the big winner and the rest of us were such gracious losers. But, as our Northey twins said, "It isn't about winning or losing, it's how you play the game that counts." Thanks, Jr. Rotarians for a fun Taco Tuesday!
Ryan presented today's program in lieu of Jr. Rotarian Speeches, inadvertently scheduled during break week. He had a 2 part presentation: 1. How to use the big screen TV, and 2. How to use our Cloquet Rotary Club website. 
Jim Prusak introduced his guest, Cloquet's City Engineer, Caleb Peterson. Caleb now holds the city position that Jim held for the last 40 years. So, according to Jim, Caleb has nothing to do now that Jim resolved all the problems before he left. Then, according to Caleb, he loves his new job since he gets to help people with their problems and get things fixed that Jim left behind. 
Rachael Martin stepped up to the 100 year old desk in the museum to present a program about the Carlton County Historical Society. After finding out that 5 people were here for the first time today, she also learned that 2 people had been introduced to the museum in the past by coming to a Rotary lunch. 
Program: Russ Smith introduced Kelly Zink, Director of the Cloquet Area Chamber of Commerce. She handed out the 2016 Year in Review for the chamber, and highlighted the activities and accomplishments from last year.
Ralph Hamann introduced our speakers, presenting a program about the Shield 616 project.  First, Terry Tilander went to the podium, saying that he is available in Cloquet to do shows like today's presentation at your business.

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